April Fools Day

april_fools_DayWell, yet again we have reached the day when everyone plays pranks on each other.  Some are funny, some are stupid but funny, and then you have just plain stupid ones.  I was not pranked nor i pranked anyone today, perhaps i am getting older or none of the pranks that i have seen or hard of today were worthy of being carried out.  So i have look from the side lines and watched as others fulfilled their April Fools Day duties and were pissing each others off :).  Guys at work had fun and i must say we had a blast seeing other coworkers getting angry … a bit :). The point i am trying to make is that i have heard about some pranks that i think did cross the line and i would hope that these people that did some of the out right dumb pranks will get their hand slapped ( at-least ).

I can’t say to much but i have heard on good authority that one of Calgary Radio stations have said that each family will be only allowed one pet per household and others would be taken away by Calgary Animal Services.  Well … that has opened up flood gates to Calgary 311.  Apparently i a lot of people including kids believed what has been said and became hysteric to say the least.  My problem with this is that once a young kid ( and being a dad ) hears something like this, it is hard to explain that this is just a stupid joke.

I hope people start treating this as a more down to earth day and do not prank half the city in to believing something absurd.

i think this would be my Rant of the Day.