Goodbye 2018 and Hello 2019

It is rare that i post here, i know i should post more and i will.  I will try to do few interesting things in this New 2019 and hopefully goals i set to myself will pan out.  i will definitely not set goals i know i will not be able to accomplish, … i have been thought that before and, with great disappointment all my plans have laid down in ruins.  I think this year will be different, there are new things on the horizon that i think will help me accomplish things further down in my life, that will have huge positive impact on my family.

I will definitely be sharing what i am doing on this website, and i will post progress of what i am working on without revealing to much of course.  To end this, to whoever reads these, i wish you all the best in this New Year 2019.

See you next year.


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