forex trading

Recently I have started gaining more interest in Forex Trading ( Foreign Exchange ) or currency trading.  It is not a new hobby of mine, but more of rekindling old interests from back in the day.  I have always liked the market in general, following companies, different stocks, see how they perform and even trade years ago 🙂 I have learned a valuable lesson over the years, that trading is not easy, takes balls, its high stress and that only patient people win in the end.  A lot of training goes into becoming a good trader, a lot of practice … it takes time.  So if you at any time want to start to trade yourself, start with a DEMO account and treat it like you would have your own money.  Demo accounts usually give you tons of money and most of the time you get more if you blow up the account. So if you want to become a good trader, take your time.  I will be posting more of what i learn and links to very interesting videos and people.