Photography, what an amazing way to capture life.  I have always loved photography but I started really taking it more seriously about 12 years ago when I bought my first DSLR, Sony Alpha 100.  I think that looking over the years I have taken some of my best pictures with that camera from portraits though family to candid, aerial and nature.  Right now I am using a Canon T4i, it is older but for my needs, it is more than enough. I think photography has the power to take you into this other world, it allows you to capture these incredible places and people and make stay in that moment forever.

I personally do not do enough photography, and that is because of lack of time.  It is true that if you love something you make time, but in this case, my time can be spent doing something with the family.  Nonetheless, I still try to get out for a walk in the park, or if I am out of town working and spend little time and capture these amazing places I was able to visit.

I will try to add some of these images here over time and show them to you.  I am very proud of what I have captured and I hope you will like it to.